This website is very much a work in progress, adhering to the mantra that incomplete and live is better than perfect and never seeing the light of day. I’ll be chipping away at it over the coming months with a bias toward broader, global changes that effect multiple parts of the site, before refining the details at a later date.

In the spirit of design in the open, I’ll be documenting the process on this website most likely in the Journal.

Here’s a list of some of thngs you can expect to see go live soon:

  • add RSS feed done
  • add Home page that outlines what I do
  • add newsletter sign-up
  • make IndieWeb-friendly e.g. Webmentions
  • add site-wide search with Relevanssi
  • adherence to accessibility best-practices
  • add Articles post-type and archive
  • integrate Progressive Web App (PWA) enhancements
  • implement performance enhancements
  • add one-line archive listings
  • add colophon
  • add About page
  • add syntax highlighting to <code> blocks done
  • design a logo for the header
  • refine the design throughout
  • add Now page