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Matthew Passmore

Website strategy & development

Links // accessibility

21st January 2020

Showing file types in links

Links to files can be a surprise for users, especially those who cannot use, do not notice, or do not have the status bar to show a link destination. Some users may appreciate knowing a link points to a file, sometimes even a particular file.

Defining toast messages

There's an impressive depth of consideration here for such a visually small component. For bonus points, substitute toast(s) for any other website feature you can think of:

Toasts are a pattern best used carefully and only after testing with users — your users and their technologies. If you opt to build toasts, be certain your timelines account for accessibility testing. If you instead use toasts from a third-party, then be even more certain your timelines account for accessibility testing and potentially changing to a different third party solution.

2nd October 2019

29th August 2019

Bottom Navigation Pattern On Mobile Web Pages: A Better Alternative? — Smashing Magazine

The hamburger menu is so engrained in the minds of clients and those that make websites, it's not going anywhere anytime soon. That's a shame as the stats speak for themselves:

hidden navigation (hamburger menu) significantly decreases user experience both on mobile and desktop. On mobile, people used the hidden navigation in 57% of the cases, and the combo navigation in 86% of the cases, i.e. 1.5 times more!

If you want your content to be seen, reduce the barriers to entry.

30th May 2019

29th May 2019

28th May 2019