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Matthew Passmore

Website strategy & development

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4th December 2019

16th September 2019

We’re doing it wrong: there is no ‘one perfect design’ or layout | Responsive Web Typography

Jason Pamental proposes letting an editor choose from a prescribed number of layouts, to best represent the article content. The markup remains unchanged, with a parent class dictating stylistic changes — all very CSS Zen Garden.

Not willy-nilly-all-over-the-place different, but clear, purposeful variation that’s built into our design systems so they fit within the whole. This, coupled with a bit of per-page design flexibility afforded us by technologies like CSS Custom Properties and variable fonts, gives us the kind of layout and design flexibility that make publications like Vanity Fair so good.

30th May 2019

29th May 2019

A Crime Called Favicon · Jens Oliver Meiert

An empassioned plea that we take aim at favicon madness:

The ideal situation, my wish, is that we, our field, define and push for a simple standard: a favicon.svg (with browsers falling back to favicon.png and then favicon.ico) that sits at respective site root and is not required to be referenced from the markup.

28th May 2019